Pedestrian Barriers

What are Pedestrian Barriers?

Pedestrian Barriers are low-level obstructions used to segregate or create a perimeter around outdoor sites, typically preventing the general public from entering unsafe restricted areas. Similar in concept to Temporary Fencing, but barriers ensure less of an obscured view which is why they are more popular for events. They are also popular for situations where foot traffic needs to be clearly guided. Pedestrian Barriers encompass a variety of different types of barrier including metal barriers, steel barriers, plastic barriers, chapter 8 barriers, workgate barriers, crossing point barriers and more.

Why use Pedestrian Barriers?

Pedestrian Barriers are the most popular method of crowd control as they are versatile, use minimal components, are lightweight and do not obscure pedestrians view from eye level; making them ideal and most commonly used in events. Pedestrian Barriers may be a better option than Temporary Fencing depending on the situation, for example Pedestrian Barriers provides a much safer option for segregating high volumes of foot traffic.


What are the dimensions of Pedestrian Barriers?

Pedestrian Barriers are available in multiple different dimensions depending on their application, although it’s rare that a Pedestrian Barrier is supplied in heights greater than 1.2m as they would lose their unique proposition to not obscure a pedestrian’s view. Common dimensions for Pedestrian Barriers include 2.3m x 1.1m for steel barriers and 2m x 1m for plastic traffic barriers

Are Pedestrian Barriers available for Hire?

All of our Pedestrian Barriers are available for hire nationwide. Pedestrian Barriers are particularly popular for hire as they are commonly used for events generally lasting short periods of time, anything from a few days to a few weeks.


What can Pedestrian Barriers be used for?

Typically Crowd Control Barriers are used for events such as music festivals, sporting events, exhibitions, trade shows, fairs and much more. Plastic Barriers however are much more common in traffic management projects, diverting traffic and pedestrians away from roadworks, they often utilise reflective components for extra safety.

What else are Pedestrian Barriers known as?

Pedestrian Barriers come in a variety of different styles, so are often referred to by many different names including Safety Barriers, Crowd Control Barriers, Traffic Barriers, Road Barriers, Safety Barricades, Pedestrian Safety Barriers, Crowd Barriers and more.

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