Temporary Fencing

What is Temporary Fencing?

Temporary Fencing is a cost-effective method of adding perimeter security and segregation for a variety of types of outdoor sites. Temporary Fencing in essence is made up of 2-3 steel poles, bent and welded together to form a frame and covered with steel wire mesh. Most commonly seen on construction sites and events throughout the country, it’s an extremely popular and effective method of site security.

Why use Temporary Fencing?

Temporary Fencing is one of the country’s most popular methods for securing outdoor sites due it’s cost effectiveness, simplicity to install and reusability. Temporary Fencing is generally significantly cheaper than other methods of site segregation such as timber hoarding or palisade fencing, it is also far easier to install, with a basic setup comprising of Temporary Fencing Panels, Rubber Blocks (which are used to stabilise the panels) and Couplers (used to secure panels to one another). Temporary Fencing is easy and simple enough for one person to install, although we recommend having two people available to install a run of Temporary Fencing. It is also extremely durable, as it is highly weather resistant with air permeable mesh, ensuring that it can be reused time and time again.

What are the dimensions of Temporary Fencing?

Some variations of Temporary Fencing do exist, but an industry standard Temporary Fencing Panel stands at 3.5m wide and 2m tall (3.5m x 2m or 11’ x 6’7”). All of our Temporary Fencing Panels are installed with Anti-Climb mesh, meaning that the gaps are 50mm apart horizontally making it particularly difficult for hands to fit between the gaps and reducing the risk of climbing resulting in trespassing and potential vandalism to site.

Is Temporary Fencing available for Hire?

All of our Temporary Fencing is available for hire nationwide. We can deliver fencing direct to your site, provide an optional installation service and dismantle / collect the Temporary Fencing once your hire period is finished. Hire is particularly popular for short term construction projects or events.

What can Temporary Fencing be used for?

Our Temporary Fencing systems can be found at multiple sites throughout the country including domestic construction developments, commercial developments, roadworks, farms and events such as music festivals, sporting events, exhibitions and trade shows.

What else is Temporary Fencing known as?

Temporary Fencing is the industry accepted terminology for this type of product, though it has been known to be referred as some other names. These include “Harris Fencing”, “Heras Fencing”, “Mesh Fencing” and “Wire Mesh Fencing”.

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